We have listed a few of our local Wilderness performing artists.
Get your groove on with live music at your event.


Wendy Oldfield

a South African singer. At the age of nineteen, she formed the rock group The Sweatband, and from 1999 to 2001, she was involved with the band Mondetta. She is the winner of several music awards, and currently lives in Wilderness, Western Cape, South Africa.

In 1983, Oldfield was involved in the forming of Sweatband, a South African music group. She was the lead vocalist of the band, and released two albums. The group's biggest hit was "This Boy" which reached number 15 on the official South African top 20 in September 1986. "Shape of Her Body" was also a hit on South African radio.

In 1988, five years after the formation of the band, she left the group and started her own solo career in the music industry.

Oldfield first rose to fame with the release of her debut album, Beautiful World. This album won her the 1992 Oktave award for Best Female Vocalist. Her song "Miracle" was nominated for Song of the Year.

Her song "Acid Rain" charted twice on South African radio, first in the original studio version and then in an "acid remix".

In 1998, she released her album Duwayo, and was nominated for a First National Bank Producer of the Year award. In 1999 she released the fourth album of her solo career, On a Pale Blue Dot, for which she won the FNB Pop Album of the Year award. She was also nominated for Best Female Vocalist.

For a short while she was involved with the band Mondetta (1999–2001), before releasing her fifth album Holy Water. At the ninth official South African Music Awards she received a nomination for the Best of Adult Contemporary award.


Ben badenhorst 

has been playing guitar for 20 years.

His style encompasses broad stylistic areas, including Maskanda, Jazz, Indian Classical, Progressive Rock, Fusion, Middle Eastern and Avant Garde.

Ben performs in a number of contexts, and has worked with a veritable who's who of SA music:

Anton Goosen, Offshore Jazz Ensemble, Mynie Grove, Wendy Oldfield, Andrew James, Jamie Jupiter, Tristan Waterkeyn, The Jazz Reggae Project, The Sons of Azania, Shomon Daniel, Meri Kenaz, Chris Tokalon, The Gaia Collective, and many others...

He produces his own recordings, a unique blend of Maskanda, Kwaito, Jazz and World...


Kirsten freiwald

is a professional singer and D Jay with many years of stage experience across Europe and South Africa. Being passionate about music and having performed at countless events in both parts of the world it goes without saying that it was her calling to specialize in Event Management.  

She is based in the Garden Route and offers one-stop-event-professional providing live music entertainment like singers, wedding singers, MCs, live bands, string trio, solo instrumentalist - bagpiper, harpist or a DJ to perform at your function (year-end function, New Year's Eve party, corporate function, wedding, birthday, market, festival etc.